February 10th, 2021


Implementation of Sphinx Password Store Protocol

Implementation of Sphinx Password Store Protocol project image
Solo Project

In this project, I built a full-stack implementation of a password manager referenced by the sphinx white paper, based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Sphinx stands for "a password Store that Perfectly Hides from Itself (No eXaggeration!)". It is a novel implementation of a password store which

remains secure even when the password manager itself has been compromised.

Sphinx relies on device-enhanced password authenticated key exchange, by storing part of the password on an external device, such that an attacker breaking into this device learns no information about the master password or the user’s individual passwords.

I created an Interactive Python Jupyter Notebook containing my implementation of core algorithms: Octet String to Integer Primitives, HashToBase function, Simple SWU Hashing algorithm, Oblivious Pseudo-Random Function and an API flask server for backend.

I also completed a mathematically complete implementation of the above functions in JavaScript with sjcl.js for front-end cryptographic capability and a fully featured React.js front-end chrome extension providing full user experience for MVP.

A live demo of the chrome extension can be found in the live section.

An explanation of the math can be found here: https://blog.justinor.dev/jupyter/security/sphinx/somethingawesome/2021/05/06/sphinx-algorithm-overview.html


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