October 16th, 2022


Hotbox - fabricating a low profile hitbox-layout fightstick

Hotbox - fabricating a low profile hitbox-layout fightstick project image
Team Project

A group of my friends got into the fighting game, Guilty Gear, and we wanted to buy some proper arcade controllers. However we had all gotten used to keyboard controls, including the left shift which is normally not found in fight sticks you can order online.

Thus, we decided to build our own one from existing open source projects. I used KiCad to edit the PCB to use full MX switches, and added an extra button for the left shift. I then mocked layers in blender to build a clean acrylic case. We borrowed a friend's uncle's CNC machine and cut the layers. Images of the process and results can be found in the git.

My main role was editing the PCB, and mocking up the acrylic layers for the case. We learnt a lot in this process, from the engineering need for tolerances, to how CNCs work, how smart PCB wiring can be to support multiple orientations of switches and how arduinos are programmed.


Feel free to reach out if you're looking for a software developer, want to connect or have a question.
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