Hey there, my name is

Justin Or.

I'm a Software Engineer passionate about algorithms, maths and everything in between.

About Me

Through my internship at MLC and NAB, I went from 0 experience in frontend development to being the frontend developer for my team's final year capstone project. I also picked up a plethora Dev Ops skills, from Docker and Kubernetes, to Jenkins and TeamCity CI/CD pipelines.

Coding C++ in a High Frequency Trading company like Optiver has taught me a lot about performance and latency in the most globally competitive environments.

I'm currently working as a Backend Software Engineer at Canva. It will be an interesting challenge to develop tools for Canva's large scale user base and make design accessible and available to everyone!


Here are some of the things I've been working on.
Hotbox - fabricating a low profile hitbox-layout fightstick image

Hotbox - fabricating a low profile hitbox-layout fightstick

A group of my friends got into the fighting game, Guilty Gear, and we wanted to buy some proper arcade controllers. However we had all…


Here are some interesting things I've blogged about.
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